Many Changes

I have grown in many aspects during my time at the KGLRC. I have been given a variety of tasks that have allowed me to build many skills such as leadership and critical thinking. Many times I am given a task and it is up to me to decipher what is being asked and find the best, most efficient way for it to be completed. Recently, I have been presented the opportunity to be a leader in some very important tasks that will make a big impact on the surrounding communities. The next big event we are putting together is the Kalamazoo Pride, which will be taking place June 13-14th!


Winter Gala

This week at KGLRC everyone was in full preparation mode for Winter Gala, the largest fundraising event for the organization.  I did a lot of work in regards to mailing invitations and donation cards out as well as being responsible for many of the decorations.  I was also in charge of finding tasks for the volunteers and keeping everyone busy.  Through my internship, I have been given many important responsibilities and leadership positions.  This has allowed me to build skills I have never really had to opportunity to do previously in any work or school setting.  I am often given tasks that I must use critical thinking skills in order to complete them with high standards and given the freedom to do it how I believe is best.  I believe as time goes on, I will be able to strengthen my skills and apply them in necessary situations.