Internship opportunities for Jon Hoadley for State Representative Campaign

Want to earn internship credit while working to advance the concerns of LGBT people, women, African Americans, Latinos, labor, and college students? Apply now to join the campaign for Jon Hoadley for State Representative in January 2014. For questions about GWS internships, contact the department; for questions about the campaign, contact David Topping,

Application for internship with the Hoadley campaign:



Gender and Women’s Studies is launching a new blog for our interns, where they will track their progress toward completing their internships and share their insights about their work. Our interns do amazing and important work, but it is usually unrecognized beyond the site of their internship. We want this blog to foster community for our interns and others who are interested in their efforts, building a broader audience to share in their triumphs, frustrations, and learning experiences. Please follow along and share your feedback, which will help students to appreciate the many ways that their internships contribute to creating a more just and equitable society.